St Francis of Assisi, Petts Wood

For it is in giving that we receive.

Building Project

On 11th June, work will finally begin on the West end of the Church to incorporate a long overdue disabled and refreshment tea/coffee facility.
The works are likely to take up to 2/3 months to complete, I am hoping to post photos to give a sense of progress and a timeline of achievement.

These were taken on the 8th June showing this part of the church (the black hole) which will be used for the building transformation, all tidy, ready for the countdown.
See you on the other side of the works.

West End of Church

18th June and we have lift off

West end of Chuch Taken 18th June

The back of the Gardeners storeWest end of Church Taken 18th June

2nd July and the cupboards with sliding doors are in2nd July 19

Ground works in full swing2nd July 19

9th July and we now have doors 
We have doors 9th July
We have men working on the drainage ditch
Ground works and ditch 9th July

The Kitchen is in, and being fitted out on the 18th July
18th July, Kitchen is in
And at the same time the tiling is taking shape
18th July Tiling is taking shape

25th July 19
Building works continue to go well. 
In the toilet area, a heater has been put on the back of the gardeners stores and the toilet and basin are in together with a baby changing table, and we now have side and overhead lights

Toilet Facilities

The Kitchen bit is mostly in and the sliding doors are in the process of being waxed.
Continuing building works

I am told by the builder that we are almost there.
It's looking mighty fine.

Fanfare trumpet to the leftfanfare trumpet to the right

 We are finished

Yes you've read that right
 (besides checking for snags )
We have completed our building project and we now have disabled and baby 
changing  facilities and kitchen area for functions.
Today (30th July) was my last visit to take photos and hopefully they reflect the hard work and
 determination by everyone past and present but also for the generosity of these five charities, Marshalls Charity, All Churches Trust, The National Lottery Community Fund, Congregational and General Charitable Trust and the Garfield Weston Foundation all of which has gone into helping to get this built.

A new chapter for St Francis has begun
we did it

Kitchen (Doors Closed)

Kitchen (Doors half open)

Kitchen (Doors Open)

Toilet Facilities

I would like to thank the builder for allowing me to take progress photos.

National Lottery