St Francis of Assisi, Petts Wood

For it is in giving that we receive.

Father Stephens updates

Dear Church Member,
                                      Greater London Bishops  have decided that all churches in Greater London will be closed to the public with immediate effect. Our Archdeacon has written to confirm that this does apply to St. Francis. So with great sadness I have to tell you that from today our church is closed until further notice. I shall continue to say morning and evening prayer there, and celebrate the Mass daily. I now have all the equipment I need to set up internet in the church, and I certainly hope to have live streaming set up there before next Sunday. I will say more about accessing that tomorrow.

If you have a key to the church, could I please ask you not to use it to go in. The reasoning behind this concerns maintaining a virus free zone for foodbank food storage

The church will continue to act as a foodbank collection point. I have bought a plastic container whereby food can be dropped off in front of the porch, and  I will empty it several times a day. We got very little food today, and the foodbank is still desperate. Please spread the request for food far and wide through your own networks. You also might like to remind people that by Googling 'Orpington Foodbank' they can easily make donations online- including making it Giftaid if they are tax payers. 

Our Dioceses continues to issue regular updates. I will forward this to you seperately.

Finally can I say, any ideas/ suggestions/requests are very welcome. Between us, I'm sure we have a mountain of dreativity.

Prayers and best wishes,

Fr. Stephen

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As At 23rd March 2020