St Francis of Assisi, Petts Wood

For it is in the giving that we receive.

Lenten Reflection

Lent began this week. Traditionally, one of the ways Christians mark Lent is by giving up something - usually something normally enjoyed such as meat, chocolate or alcohol. In our consumerist world the commercial aim is not only to gratify all our desires instantly, but also to create endless new ones for us to pursue. So deliberately depriving ourselves of good things we want is a very counter-cultural idea. One of the benefits, though, of curbing part of our appetites can be to help us re-centre ourselves and re-appraise what is of real value to us, in contrast to what is a merely unhealthy, unthinking habit. 

We all know that social media has both wonderful and disastrous things about it.  Our society is going to take a long time to get a responsible healthy balanced handle on it all. But in the meantime, have you thought about giving up some or all of your usage of Social Media for Lent? It might be a rewarding experience in all sorts of ways!