St Francis of Assisi, Petts Wood

For it is in the giving that we receive.

Reflections - a time to pause for thought

To think on.... 

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? 
Apparently 80% of all new year’s resolutions fail by February.There are a couple of reasons why resolutions set us up for disappointment. First, we underestimate how long it takes to kick a bad habit or adopt a good one. Popular wisdom says it takes 21 days. However, studies indicate that on average it takes about 66 days before a new habit becomes automatic.Perhaps another reason is that so many resolutions focus on the body or lifestyle rather than the spirit. I suggest that if we focus on the spirit first, many of the changes we need to make in other parts of our lives will fall into place.  If radical changes in exercise routine  or spending  habits have defeated you, try the following as the basis for a daily 10 minute reflection:  

• I am going to make every day and every activity as precious and enjoyable as possible.

• I am going to strive to be as gracious, warm, and charitable as possible.

• I am going to strive to accept others’ love in a deeper way than I have up to now.

• I am going to strive to live a more-fully “reconciled” life. No room for past hurts anymore.

• I am going to strive, always, to never look on what I have lost, but rather to look at how wonderful and full my life has been and is.

• I am going to strive to keep my sense of humour intact.

• I am going to strive to be as courageous and brave as I can.

• I am going to strive to be as productive as long as I can.

• I am going to strive to be as healthy as long as I can.

 Father Stephen Sig

February 19