St Francis of Assisi, Petts Wood

For it is in giving that we receive.

The Baptism of our Lord


This feast day is known by several different names.

One, as per the title, also the Baptism of Christ or the lesser known name of Theophany.

The day commemorates the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan by 

St John the Baptist.

Originally the Baptism of Christ was celebrated on Epiphany, (the feast we celebrate the arrival of the three wise men) this year (2021) was on the 3rd of January.

However, over time in the west the celebration to commemorated this became a distinct feast in its own right, and is celebrated in the Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran Churches and is now fixed on the Sunday following the Epiphany and marks the conclusion of the Christmas season and a move to Ordinary time within the Churches calendar.


I said at the beginning of this piece that this feast is also known as Theophany, from the Greek “appearance of God” The Holy Trinity, which appeared to mankind for the first time during this Baptism, so

1)  His Fathers voice is heard from Heaven.

2)  Jesus the son of God is living and physically standing in the 

     River Jordan.

3)  The Holy Spirit comes down on Jesus in the form of a dove.


The one question you might ask yourself is why was Jesus baptised? The Bible tells us he was born to a Virgin, and was without Sin, and lived his entire life without sinning, so therefore, why? Well, one word, EXAMPLE.

By Jesus illustrating this need to wash away all our sins, and therefore go on to embrace the family of Christ on earth was a very necessary act to show us the love that we can all embrace and take a share in.