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The Birth of The Blessed Virgin Mary

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or The Nativity of Mary, or Birth of the Virgin Mary are an few of the title we give this Christian feast day of celebration for the birth of Mary the mother of God, and this year 2019  the 8th of September falls on a Sunday nine months after her immaculate conception on the 8th December.


Modern day canon of scripture (canon comes from the Greek, meaning rule or measuring stick) does not mention Mary’s birth, the furthest we can go back to any known account is to the book of James probably written in AD145/150 which mentions her parents Saint Anne and Saint Joachim.

Anne and Joachim went to the extremes, they devoted themselves to extensively and rigorously to prayer and fasting, initially wondering whether their problems in conceiving a child might signify Gods displeasure with them, however it turned out that the couple were to be blessed even more than they could have ever have imagined.

An angel appeared to Anne and foretold that all generations would honour their future child and speak of her name in all the world.

After Mary’s birth, it is said that her mother made a sanctuary of her room and kept it clean and tidy on the account of the special holiness of her child.

It is also said that Joachim introduced her to the priests, scribes and elder of the time to receive many blessings, they also agreed that eventually she was be offered to God as consecrated Virgin for the rest of her life and enter a Chaste marriage with Joseph the carpenter.


Now in most cases, saints are commemorated within the church on the date of their death, because this is the day they entered into eternal life, and yes we celebrate  Mary’s entry into heaven on the 15th August, The Feast of the Assumption, however with Jesus, John the Baptist, and the Virgin Mary the date of their birth is celebrated, the reason for this is, they were born for Gods intention, all three were born without sin.

Jesus because he was born as we all know by the Holy Spirt.

Mary because she was kept pure and free from stain by her parents, priests and God, and John the Baptist was blessed by God whilst his mother was pregnant with him when Mary pregnant with Jesus went to help her cousin Elizabeth in the final months of her pregnancy and yes we celebrate this act with the Feast of the Visitation. (31st May)