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Claires Wedding

Marrying in church should be personal.
Meaningful and spiritual in equal measures and should be just as you want it to be. 
Churches are special and unique places to 
get married in - the prayers, promises and the whole service of celebration become part of your marriage, on the day itself and beyond.

Getting Engaged

is all very exciting with happy times that lie ahead and there will be so much to think about. If you’re wondering how to make a start on all the planning and preparations for the service, this section will hopefully be able to give you some help with your initial steps.

Finding a Church

Lots of people marry in their own local church, but you might like to marry in a different church because it has special significance for you through family or other connections, so as you are looking at our church it must be something you are considering, if we can offer any introductory help, please click through to our contacts page for Father Stephen details, who would be more than happy to advise.

Legal Requirements

There are certain things that must happen in a church wedding to ensure the marriage complies with both UK and Church law.

In Marriage you take on a whole new legal status.  The Vicar knows how to advise and prepare you for your wedding day and everything must comply with all relevant UK and Church of England laws.  There are a number of legal points to consider before you begin planning, to assist we have included a link to the Church of Englands legal requirements section.

How much does it cost?

There is no doubt that the choices you make about your wedding day can make a huge impact on the total cost.  Part of the cost will be for the legal fees, and everyone pays this.  There are also optional extras which you can choose or decline according to your budget. To help you decide a brief overview of fees can be found here

Compulsory cost

There is a required legal fee for marrying in a church in 2021 is £552, if you marry away from where you live, and, it will be £506 if you marry in your home parish.  This is set by the Church of England nationally and is the same for every church.  The basic legal fee includes the cost of the Vicar, the church, calling of your banns certificate , the marriage certificate, lighting and all administration work.

This required fee has ancient origins and ensures your church can maintain essential services like weddings, christenings, funerals and all kinds of other ministries for you and your community.

This must all seem very confusing, so the Church of England have put a more comprehensive table of expenses together and you can find it here

Banns of Marriage

Banns of Marriage are a ancient legal tradition and have been read out every week in church across the land for millions of couples, over many centuries.

The Current fee is £44.00 which includes publication and certificate

Most Church of England marriages require banns to be read out in church before the wedding can take place, this is a legal requirement, but for couple a special occasion in it own right too as the congregation may be invited to pray for you both. 

This becomes quite special and moving to hear not only for you as a couple but friends and family who you may have invited to hear but also for the church family gathered

Banns are an announcement in church and to the wider community of your intention to marry, but is also a chance for anyone to put forward any objection why the marriage might not lawfully take place.

Your must have the banns read out in church on three Sundays during the three months before the wedding takes place, this more often than not takes place over three consecutive Sundays, but this does not always have to be the case.

Unfortunately due to Brexit there may be some circumstances and peculiarities which might apply to you such as not enough notice given for the banns to be read, or one or both of you is a national of a country which is outside the European Economic Area in which case our Vicar would be able to guide you.

At St Francis

If your thinking of having St Francis for your wedding, there are one or two conditions we would have to check.

If one of you:-

Lives in the Parish

Is a regular attender

Was baptised at St Francis

Has been confirmed in the parish

Has at any time live in the Parish for at least 6 months

Has regularly attended public worship in the parish for at least 6 months (Regularly will understand as once a month)

Getting married is a complicated affair, with so much to think about and plan for, our Vicar Father Stephen is the best placed person to guide you through the whole process to finally reaching the ceremony itself. however there are several  people within our congregation would be best placed to help you further. 

Steve, our Choir master, who has over 50 years experience singing with us here at St Francis, 

Sarah who is our classically trained singer, has a wealth of experience in singing within our church setting for occasions such as these, as a soloist or with her Opera group.

The knowledge of flower arranging within our church to get the best and the wow factor is what our qualified florist Zonie knows best.

These people are on our contact list and are here to help you create your special day within the setting of our beautiful church.

Exterior of Church


Marriage after Divorce

Even if on or both of you are divorced, there may be a way for you to marry
in church, 
but you will need to speak to our Vicar as soon as possible, also to help the Church of England has produced a detailed leaflet called 
Marriage in church after Divorce which you can click through to for more information.

Same-sex Marriage
The law prevents Church of England ministers from carrying out or blessing same-sex marriages, but also there is no authorised service for a blessing of a same-sex civil marriage.
Please note our Church is always open should you feel the need to come in for some quiet contemplation and prayer.