St Francis of Assisi, Petts Wood

For it is in the giving that we receive.


Pic of Banner for confirmMost Christians are baptised when they are young and the promises which are made at baptism are made on their behalf by adults. It is appropriate that they should make a more mature decision for Jesus when they are older.

This decision is typically made at confirmation when after the candidate has repeated the promises made at baptism, the bishop lays his hands on the candidate and they are given gifts of God’s Spirit to lead them to a more mature Christian life. The candidate is then anointed with the Oil of Chrism as a sign that they are marked as Christ’s own.

At St Francis
Confirmation is offered to anyone over twelve years (dispensation from the Bishop of Rochester is required for anyone younger and will usually be granted where there are clear sign of faith in Christ).

Whether the candidate be an adult or teenager there is a period of preparation during which there is an opportunity to learn and ask about the Christian faith. Preparation may be individual or in a group, as seems best, and is begun with understanding that not everyone who explores the Christian Faith in this way will come to confirmation.