St Francis of Assisi, Petts Wood

For it is in the giving that we receive.


father Stephen Baptism January  19

Also called ‘Chistening’, Baptism is the way we become Christians – there are other ways in which this can happen but this is the formal way, given to us by Jesus. It is a Sacrament, a physical sign (pouring on us of water), given by Jesus, with words accompanying it: I Baptise you, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’ by which God gives us His Grace (His power).

At the Baptism of the young, parents and godparents promise that they will bring up the child as a Christian. Each child requires three godparents who must be baptised (not necessarily Church of England) Two must be of the same sex as the child and the child’s parents can also be godparents. To prepare for the baptism we will arrange a first visit and then you will meet with the Vicar to finalise details and to go through the service.

If you would like your Christening to take place at St Francis, we invite you to our 10.30 Sunday service to see what our worship is like. We have babies and very young children in our Church and facilities for them, so please bring them along. Normally Baptism takes place once a month at the 10.30 service after which the baptised adult or child receives a certificate and has their name entered in our register