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Baptism floral display

According to the Church of England there is no difference between a christening and a baptism service.

Some churches will use one word and some the
other, the moment when your child has water
poured or wiped on their forehead is the actual baptism and is very much at the heart of this
special service.

Babies are baptised during a christening service just as couples are married during a wedding service.

This service is just as important to the members of the church family as it is to the family bringing the child for baptism.

This service reminds us all of our own baptism and bringing the church family closer by reminding us that we are one family in God’s love.

The water symbolises a washing away of sins and being reborn within the Christian family.

This is a very special day not only for the child, but a proud day for the parents, godparents and immediate family members.


A lot of information is given on the Church of England web site pages, and those links I will leave at the bottom, there is one stipulation however, each child must have 3 godparents, two must be of the same sex as the child, and must have been baptised themselves, although, not necessarily Church of England, however all this can be covered by Fr Stephen who is in the best position to advise and answer further questions, also, our Choirmaster Steve is the person to contact should you wish to have a favourite hymn or hymns included in the service, as well as Zonie our florist, should you wish for any special displays done for the day, click here to be taken to our contacts page for their details.

Also, some people like to buy a christening gown to mark the special day, or indeed use a treasured gown perhaps used by parents or grandparents for their own baptism, this is all entirely up to you and personal choice, please remember this is your day - enjoy

Here are the Church of England links for help and guidance FAQ's

Please also feel free to come to any of our 10.30 Sunday morning services to see what our worship is like, and perhaps join us all for a coffee afterwards, times are listed on our service page.